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About FiTAWave Short Film Awards


Who Are We?

FiTA WAVE SHORT FILM AWARDS 2019 is a short film competition organised by the Faculty of Film, Theatre, and Animation (FiTA, Universiti Teknologi MARA), the Higher Education Department (Ministry of Education) and Yayasan Hasanah.  

The WAVE acronym stands for Wholesome, Authentic, Visionary and Enlightening. WAVE not only embodies nurturance and celebration of new ideas and creative instincts of young and dynamic filmmakers, but also aims at educating the audience and cultivating the aesthetically-enriched film and arts culture among the Malaysian society and community.

This competition is open to all Malaysian and non-Malaysian residents in Malaysia, and is divided into THREE categories:

  1. Secondary school
  2. Public/private higher learning institution (IPTA/IPTS)
  3. Open category (aged 18-35 years)

Objectives and Theme


• To encourage young talents through experimentation of new ideas in order to preserve the cultural heritage

• To boost the spirit of the youth and foster their interests in disseminating knowledge creatively

• To exhibit the brilliance of the young generation while educating the community

• To create awareness through short films about the importance of tertiary education in Malaysia with an aim to increase the students’ enrolment in Malaysian universities


The short films submitted for the competition should emphasize the importance of higher education by focusing on FIVE areas of the following:

  • Education
  • Community development
  • Environment
  • Arts, culture and heritage